Saturday, October 16, 2004

Friday (Middle of the)Night Tarot Hoedown

Due to the stress of the past week, I had to put a moratorium on the daily card reading, it will be returning next week.

I am going to the SFBATS festival. Will take copious notes and review the event for you all.

Tonights offering, in fact, comes from the Daughters of Divination website--an organization I am really thinking of joining because they seem to have a lot of cool Tarot events planned. That seems to be the only way I will have of meeting any local Tarot people and getting more practice face to face.

I have despaired of the Tarot Meetup group in my area--it seems that 5 people joined and promptly forgot their membership. At one point, to drum up local interest, a couple of years ago I even started a yahoo group which I advertised on Craig's List, once again to no avail. There were 3 active members, we had one meeting in a local library, which basically consisted of me giving one member a reading, and the other member not being able to find us as she searched the library. Meanwhile, we got thrown out of the library for talking. About eight months ago, after no activity on the yahoo group, on the Meetup message board, someone claimed that MY yahoo group was THEIRS--the hubris! So of course, I shut it down.

Anyway, to the reading:

~The Psychic Polaroid Spread~

  1. Wheel of Fortune, reversed: Well, things have been topsy-turvy lately. We've had a little bad luck.

  2. Page of Swords: My ability to just observe and take things in is coming in handy. Since this is Swords it kind of reminds me of the Watchers on the Highlander--" observe and record, but never interfere..."

  3. The Chariot: An interesting callback to the wheel theme. I am going to forge ahead, rolling on my big wheels with a fire in my belly, taking what I've learned and running with it.

  4. Six of Pentacles: Interestingly, I had done a spread before this one in which this came up, but it was reversed, as were most of the cards in the draw, didn't like it, so I scrapped it and did another. I can be a very generous person, and sometimes a little spendthrift, I think this is a warning not to go overboard with the $$$.

  5. Three of Cups: Might these young ladies be dancing in a wheel? Much rejoicing, happiness and fulfilment. Don't forget to have fun!

  6. Four of Wands: This one also showed up in the prior spread--I had thoroughly shuffled, so this is a message that things will be ok. There will be peace in the valley, by and by.
Summary: So there's been misfortune, if I keep my head about me while others are losing theirs, etc. Things may be swirling around me, but if I keep dancin' and don't be afraid to step out and take the driver's seat in my life, there will be harmony. And don't spend too much money on books at that festival, young lady!

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