Saturday, October 02, 2004

Friday Night Tarot Hoedown!!!

YeeHaw! Pardners, saddle up for more Tarot goodness!

Today, the method of reading I will be using comes from the Complete Tarot Kit, which I got recently. It has a manual and journal written by Susan Levitt, and two miniature decks, a Rider Waite and a Thoth, which, while being very cute, are so small they are unshuffleable. I will have to learn the push/put method or something.

The book and journal that come with the kit, however, are indeed quite well done. She manages to interpret the Waite and Crowley decks, side by side, in a beginner sort of way without doing injustice to either.

Here is the reading I did tonight, using the method of interpretation set up in the journal.

The three card Body~Mind~Spirit spread.

Body: 7 of Pentacles
: 8 of Wands
: The Magician
Major, minor, ace or court: the Magician
Suits represented
: Pents, Wands
What is your intuitive sense about the cards?
Planting seeds, watching them grow, thoughts traveling--ending in magickal power and skill.
Divinatory meanings from the book
: Delayed sucess, swiftness, and magickal strength.
YOUR divinatory meanings
: Physically, I have planted seeds for my goals to come to fruition. Mentally, my mind is in perpetual motion, the swift trajectory of my ideas. Spiritually, I have power to do great magick.
How do the cards apply?
Well, I am watching Excalibur, so I feel kind of Merlinesque.---8:o)
What else do you see?
The 7 of Pents is like, planting seeds, with growing wands, and the garden in the Magician card--it's like preparation, action, and completion.

Basically, the questions in bold are the things you should consider in their order to interpret a spread.

And tonight's five card draw: The Devil reversed, Ace of Wands, 9 of Pentacles, Death, 3 of Cups, reversed. Here, there is an offering of new beginnings and more wisdom. But I must allow old things to die and not fuck around, like by staying up all night.

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